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Simpro also means ecology. An example is the industrialization of this plant, capable of recycling rubber from used tires, by separating the former from both steel and fiber of the structure.

Doing this, the steel can be reused in foundries, the fiber returns to the textile industry, whereas the high-purity rubber is shredded into multi-sized rubber, according to the intended use: the preparation of bitumen for asphalting streets (so as to reduce the noise level), as well as the rubber industry (as processable raw material), are the major applications. The technique is based on the very-low-temperature cooling (through refrigerated air and without using nitrogen) of tire parts previously shredded, which, once they have become crystalline due to the cold, are fractured by a special-purpose mill. After this, a system of vibrating sieves, together with electromagnets, separates rubber, steel and fiber. At the end of the line, one or more mills, depending on the plant capability, pulverize the rubber into the wanted size.

There are different versions of this plant, according to the number of tires to be treated. The systems, in any case, are custom-made according to the customer’s requirements.

The plant is turnkey supplied and complies with the law in force within the Country in which it is installed. Simpro offers, also for this kind of plants, a complete after-sales service, including the training of the involved personnel, the periodical maintenance, if required by the customer, as well as an emergency service in case of failure or breakdown.

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